EdTech Planning Group
Welcome to EdTech Planning Group

EdTech Planning Group (ETPG) provides consulting services to
academic institutions, educational facilities planners, and design
professionals, in the area of strategic technology planning for
learning facilities, classroom, building and campus-wide. We offer
facilities audit, faculty survey, master planning, detailed,
project-specific concept design services, and post occupancy audits.
ETPG is unique in that we focus specifically on the facilitation and leadership of
educational technology facilities visioning and design process, and shepherding the
elements of that process efficiently through the entire process. Our work includes:

* discovery
* analysis
* codification
* budgeting
* validation
* value engineering
* administrative approval
* implementation and acceptance
* post occupancy evaluation and review

Unlike design/build integration firms, ETPG does not sell any equipment and thus
has no vested interest in one vendor vs another. Unlike pure audiovisual design
consultants, staffed by architectural or engineers who specialize in technical
design, we serve as an independent planning agent. ETPG specializes in the
process of planning, facilitating discussion, identifying and organizing requirements,
prioritizing goals, documenting and summarizing, developing consensus, achieving
formal signoff, and informing stakeholder and appropriately setting their